Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Blocks Too!

"I was so focused on getting the first post on this blog that I forgot to post my Underground Railroad Quilt blocks too." (she chuckled)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Premier Post...Welcome to our blog

It's finally here. Our first post. The decision was made recently to start our own blog. It came about as we started our last guild project, reproducing the Underground Railroad Quilt. We will be adding photos of our members interpretation of this quilt. Each member has chosen her own fabrics. When completed these quilts will be a lasting treasure for each member. We met last night and almost everyone there had a block or two completed. I apologize to the members that, all the excitement, I didn't take note of which block belong to which member. However, I hope you enjoy the following pictures.

Also, please note that the members of another quilting group from Jerusalem, Israel is joining us in reproducing this quilt. Their blog address is  They would love it if you would visit their site and see what the ladies are doing.

Sandy is that you hiding behind that block.?

Our guild secretary Elaine with her Bear Claws block

Elaine with the Churn Dash block