Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's a new year

Guild members held their first meeting of 2012. The other new thing about the guild besides the new year  was meeting in the daytime instead of the evening. We're trying this for the months of January and February so members won't have to drive home on dark and snowy roads. Because of the change of schedule some members weren't able to attend but we still had a good turnout.

First of all, this is the next Underground Railroad block we will be doing. (Mine's finished)

Bow Tie block

I want to apologize to Debbie. I've lost the photo I took of your block somewhere in my photos. Guess I'll have to go in and reorganize my photo files before I forget what it looked like.

Because everyone was so busy during the holidays, not too many finished new projects to share. However, there are always diehards. We hope you  enjoy what was produced.

Debbie's been busy. Love the colors.

Same pattern, different effect.

Sandy's latest quilt. Very soft colors.

Elaine has knitted a toddler's sweater.

I'm still waiting for Sue to send me a photo of an awesome quilt she made for her daughter.  She did a spectacular job and I can't wait to show you. I'm hoping there will be more quilting to show from the next meeting. Stay tuned.

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