Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Underground Railroad Quilt Block

Our guild project continues with the next block  of our Underground Railroad Quilt presented here.

Mary demonstrates the Birds in the Air block.

 Because of transportation issues I arrived late at this week's guild meeting. Everyone who had something to share with the group had unfortunately already squirreled away their projects so I have no other pictures to share with viewers in this post. However, I along with other members played a rollicking game of bingo with lots of laughs. If you have never played this game with other quilters, let me explain how it's played. We each chose a game board made of 25 different squares of fabric. These fabrics consisted of different types of prints such as novelty, blue batik, pink flowers, yellow strips, etc. Stretching the colors and descriptions of these fabrics was the rule of the day. Different things were used by the ladies for markers: buttons, bead and wrapped candies. The guild president then proceeded to call out different fabric descriptions from a stack of game cards and the same rules for regular Bingo applied. For everyone who won the game received a fat quarter of her choosing. We had lots of belly laughs and went home refreshed, ready to go on to the next quilting project.

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