Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So Much To Share

Last night was our first meeting for August. Our new president was back from her vacation and shared details of it with us. Sue and husband enjoyed a 28 day cruise that took them all the way to St. Petersburg, Russia. While I can't relate the details of the trip, I can tell you that guild members enjoyed the telling of her adventures.

Sue, our new president, and her latest purse creation.

  Now on to business. Most of our members have finished the hot mats that will be given away to our guests on our 20th anniversary celebration next month. I think all the members did a great job.

Hot mats galore!

Members joining for show and tell: First of all, Donna has been one of the busiest quilters in the guild since the last meeting in July.

Donna's cute bear quilt

Next Elaine has been knitting up a storm.

Our newest member shares her first quilt with us.

Carolyn has been busy too.

And yes, this is Carolyn too!

I'm sorry but I can't remember whose quilt this is:

And next we have Joyce's Thimble quilt

Joyce's thimble quilt

The back of Joyce's thimble quilt

And lastly Sharon shares her latest projects:

Nice work Ladies!