Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our Never Ending Quilting Projects

Our guild members are continuing to enjoy producing such wonderful projects. Take a look at our latest endeavors.

First another finished Underground Railroad Quilt by our member Karen.

Then we have finished quarterly blocks. Each of the members participating have been given different star blocks to complete. Each has a common fabric and we were instructed to add certain colors from our stashes to our blocks. The combination of all the different blocks will be very interesting.

Donna's block

Mary's block
Shirley's block

Next are Courthouse Steps blocks that will be combined with another block to make a table runner.

Debbie's block

Elaine's block

Karen hiding from the camera behind her block

Kate's block

Laura's block

Donna's block
Assorted items follow

Kate's pineapple block
Donna's pineapple block

Sharon's pineapple block

Sandy's teabag wallet and luggage tag.

Sharon's star block

Kate's seasonal hanging

Elaine's boys sweater in self-striping yarn.

Sandy's oilcloth tote

Debbie's tote

Sue's pillowcase

Sharon and one of her lovely table runners

Sharon's table topper.

We hope you enjoyed our show and tell.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Another Great Meeting With So Much To Share

Our guild members never run out of new projects to share. Can't get better than this!
The first picture we're sharing is of Shirley and her finished Underground Railroad Quilt. 

And on with our show.

Sharon's lovely star quilt

The back of Sharon's quilt above

Another quilt by Sharon

And still another quilt by Sharon

A wedding quilt by the two mothers-in-law

Donna snowflake quilt

Dolls by Donna

Elaine's latest knitted sweater

Kate and her pillow in purple

Kate's Snowman pillow

Laura's latest projects

Debbie and her service quilt

This year's service project sponsored by the NY Quilt Consortium consist of small, cuddlely quilts made by guild members to be given to the NY State Troopers to carry in their police cars. These will be used to comfort distressed children that the Troopers have contact with in their work.