Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Oodles Of Fun

Since I was not in attendance at the guild meeting this week, Sue, a member of our guild, was gracious enough to be the photographer for our latest meeting. Thank you Sue.

Everyone enjoyed our quarterly dinner, had fun making ornaments, playing games and sharing their latest projects.

Shirley's Star with Nine Patch block.

Sharon's Start with Nine Patch block.

Sharon's 2nd Star with Nine Patch block.

Elaine chose 'Roundabout' for the next quarterly block.
Carolyn B's children's quilt.
Mary's quilt

Sharon's daughter's cuddle quilt.
Carolyn T's potato bag.

Sue's completed quilt made from our pinwheel block exchange.

Sue's completed mystery quilt.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Among Other Things...Sock Snowmen!

Okay, I'm not going to get to the sock snowmen until the end of this post. First I'll share what our guild members have been up to.

Our featured member this week is Donna.
Donna is a retired school teacher. She has made marionettes, done leather crafting, has collected old ABC books and she makes quilts of course.

An example of Donna's leather crafts.

Donna's chosen block. (Can't remember the name and will come back and update when I find out.)

Next members show off examples of featured members chosen blocks.
Sandy's Covered Bridge block

Karen's Covered Bridge block

Carolyn T's and Donna's Covered Bridge block

Shirley's and Ceil's Covered Bridge block

Sharon's Covered Bridge block

Elaine's Covered Bridge block

Sandy's May Basket block

Ceil's May Basket block

Karen's May Basket block

Elaine's May Basket block

Sharon's and Shirley's May Basket block

Carolyn T's and Donna's May Basket block

Carolyn B's quarterly block
And for a lovely variety of finish projects our ladies have made:
Karen's cuddle quilt for charity

Sharon's wall hanging

Sharon's purse is finally completed.

Sharon's mystery quilt from last year completed. Way to go Sharon.

Carolyn T's door hanger gift for her mom.

Carolyn made doll clothes for a grandaughter.

Carolyn's snowmen table runner.

Carolyn's 3-candles

A quilt that had belonged to Sandy's great aunt that Sandy reworked.

Sandy's quilt made from last year's exchange blocks.

Sandy made this quilt for her son in law. (And she was caught in this picture before she could hide from the camera! Ha! Gottcha Sandy!)

Pillow cases to match Sandy's quilt above.

Karen showing off her knitted socks.

Katie made a beaded snowflake ornament.

And now the sock snowmen all lined up that we made at the last guild meeting. Too much fun! And so many personalities!

Friday, November 15, 2013

A Lot To Share With You

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy our latest meeting.

Karen was our featured member for this meeting. Karen has done many things during her life including working in a woolen mill ,working as a pastry chef, giving cake decorating lessons, and raising Belgian sheep dogs. She likes to do scrapbooking, card making, knitting socks, reading and collects dolls.
 Karen's chosen block for us to make is the covered bridge.
Sandy was our only birthday girl this month.
Happy Birthday Sandy!

Our other members shared past featured members chosen blocks.
Ceil's May Basket block

Donna's May Basket block

Elaine's May Basket block

Karen's May Basket block

Sharon's May Basket block

Shirley's May Basket block

Donna's guild photo block

Karen's guild photo block

Sharon's guild photo block

Shirley's guild photo block

Ann's Cross Within A Cross block
Members shared their finished projects.
Sandy's quilt

Carolyn T.'s daughter's runner.

Carolyn T.s pumpkin wall hanging

Carolyn's quilt

Carolyn T.'s Syracuse University afghan

Sandy's charm pack quilt

Donna's quilt

Sandy's pastel quilt

Another quilt by Sandy

Sharon's quilt

Sharon made this 'elephant' pillow case for her daughter.
Donna's rag doll

Barb is continuing to knit hats.

A pillow Barb made for a gift.
Carolyn T.'s cross stitch ornaments

Shirley shares an old signature pillowcase given to her.
And lastly guild members showed the cuddle quilts they've made for charity.
Ceil's cuddle quilt

Sandy's cuddle quilt #1

Sandy's cuddle quilt #2

Sandy's cuddle quilt #3