Thursday, August 29, 2013

This Week At The Guild

There is much to show you this week. This year we are featuring a different member of the guild at each meeting. It's a chance to share with members the other interests each member has. A great way to get to know each other better.

The writer of this blog was the last meeting's featured member. Besides quilting, (hand applique being a favorite technique) I spin, weave, make art, create embellished fabric pins, collect sheep-stuffed and figurines and create crafting patterns, etc.
Roxanne's many crafts.

Each featured member selects a block pattern that represents her for the other members to make. Then the featured member signs and dates everyone's block. When all the blocks are finished then we will each have enough blocks to make a quilt filled with memories of our quilting sisters. The block I chose is called Rolling Stone. I chose this because of a nickname I had in junior high school...enough said.
And this week for show and tell:
Sandy's wall hanging.
Sandy's hot pads.

Sandy made this cute little jewelry bag.
Elaine has been knitting dresses for little girls.

Shirley has been knitting mittens.

Sandy's wall hanging.

Sue's cuddle quilt.

One of Carolyn's quilts. Made for a gift.

Sharon's quilt.

Also a quilt by Sharon.

Ceil's quilt.

Placemats made by our other Carolyn.

Ceil's letter quilt representing our local university Syracuse University.
Sue's quarterly block.

Shirley's sunflower block.

Sharon and Carolyn hold up their sunflower blocks.
Carolyn with the Indian Trails block.

Sandy's sunflower block.
Roxanne's sunflower block.
 These two members are in the middle of making their sunflower blocks. They have a good start.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This Week's Featured Member And Three Birthdays!

As our viewers know, with each meeting this year, one of our guild members is featured. This is a chance for members to learn more about our quilting sisters. This week our featured member was Ceil. Ceil is a retired teacher who knits and sews (and quilts!). She collects Precious Moments figurines and children's books.
Ceil has a passion for sunflowers...
And so the block she has chosen for members to make is the 'sunflower' block.
We will bring our finished sunflower blocks to the next meeting for Ceil to sign.

At our last meeting our featured member Mary challenged us to the Indian Trails block. The following members brought theirs in this week for Mary to sign.
Elaine's block

Karen on the left. Ceil on the right. (Camera shy?)

Ann's block

Sharon on the left. Carolyn on the right. (Not camera shy)

Shirley's block.
Roxanne's block

We have very few other projects to show this week.

Shirley made little boys tops for her grandchildren.

Barb has knitted a baby hat.

Elaine's quarterly block.

We also had three birthdays this month. All of the birthday girls were gifted with a fat quarter of her choice and a birthday crown hand crocheted.
Happy Birthday Sharon!

Happy Birthday Barb!

This is our member Ann who turned 80 this month. Happy Birthday Ann! Ann was also the recipient of a gift bag full of birthday cards from the guild members.