Thursday, September 12, 2013

Oodles Of Fun

We had another featured member at this week's meeting. Sharon is a prolific quilter. She likes to garden, does cross stitch, works with wool and also enjoys card making. She got started in quilt making by making blocks with a friend.
This week's featured member...Sharon.
Sharon and her many starter blocks.

Sharon's table runner made for a gift.

Pieced Tulips is Sharon's chosen block for guild members to make.

The following blocks are the last featured member's chosen block,Rolling Stonem for guild members to make. (Please forgive this blogger. I was signing the featured block from the last meeting that members had made and trying to take photos to post on this blog. I neglected to note which members made these blocks.)

Ann's rolling stone block.

 The following blocks were chosen by past featured members.
Donna's sunflower block.

Ann's sunflower block.
And lastly members shared finished projects with the guild.
Donna made a jumpsuit for a grandchild's stuffed bear. The bright spot on the picture is reflective tape.

Carolyn's finished wall hanging.

June, a visitor, shared her small quilt.

Mary's bear claws quilt.

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