Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fun and Games

I apologize for not blogging about the last guild meeting of January. It was snowy and blowing that day,  I was snowed in and unable to attend. Our substitute photographer tried to take pictures of the meeting but, alas, her camera batteries failed.  I did make it to the meeting last week but had computer and internet problems so my posting is a bit late. Now that my excuses are out of the way, please enjoy pictures from our latest meeting.

Our featured member this week was Carolyn T. Carolyn is an avid quilter and knitter and shared some lovely quilts with us.

A selection of Carolyn's projects.

Carolyn's knitted baby jacket and hat
Carolyn's chosen block for members to make is 'Cozy Caps'
Members shared the current quarterly block Roundabout.
Donna's Roundabout block.

Elaine's Roundabout block.

Joann's Roundabout block.

Karen's and Sharon's Roundabout blocks.

 Chosen blocks of featured members.
Ann, back from her travels, shows her May Basket block.

Carolyn T's Next Door Neighbor block.

Joann's Next Door Neighbor block.
Donna's Next door Neighbor block.

Daren's and Sharon's Next Door Neighbor block.

Carolyn T's 'Sandy's Circles' block.

Mary's 'Sandy's Circles' block.

Sharon's 'Sandy's Circles' block.

Members shared finished projects.
Donna embroidered a denim jacket.

Donna's service quilt for the VA.

Mary's leftovers quilt.

Sharon's heart candle mat.

Sharon's heart fabric runner.

Sharon's veggie runner.

The back of Sharon's veggie runner.

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